Intense Hydration for Seasonal Skin | Burts Bees

Intense Hydration for Seasonal Skin  |  Burts Bees

As we move closer to Spring, this can be a very transitional time for your skin, as for past few months it has been subjected to the cold elemental conditions and then the warmth of heaters in the car or central heating at home, which saps the skin of moisture.  So it’s important to choose products at this time of year, that will increase your skins hydration levels before the temperatures begin to rise and cause further dehydration.

Also if you are concerned about the appearance of ageing on your skin through increased lines and wrinkles, it’s imperative that you have products that will increase the skins hydration, to allow the active anti-ageing ingredients to work to their best.  For example when we are thirsty it makes us feel tired and have poor energy levels, the same came be said about the skin, if it’s dehydrated it’s not functioning at it’s best, so it isn’t able to use potent anti-ageing ingredients to their most efficient.

One of the best ingredients to use in your skincare routine that will help the skin to retain hydration is Clary Sage as it can thrive in harsh environments, such as the windswept hills of the Mediterranean due to it’s ability to trap and retain moisture and is the inspiration for the Intense Hydration collection from Burts Bees, which I have recently been using on my skin.  There are six products in this range from cleansers, toners, day & night creams to a treatment mask and eye cream, all designed to increase the skins hydration.

For those unfamiliar with Burts Bees they have been creating wonderfully natural products for over twenty years now, starting from humble beginnings by using left over beeswax to create candles, which led to the creation of the now famous Beeswax Lip Balm, countless beauty awards and a global presence in the beauty industry through the development of many fantastic face, body and makeup products along the way.

I have been using three products from the Intense Hydration range, which are :

  • Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser 170g £11.49 – If you like a cleanser which you can use with water to give a refreshing feeling to the skin, which is made from almost 100% natural ingredients, then give this a try.  It’s formula has been scientifically proven to remove dirt, oil and makeup from the skin and is infused with Clary Sage and Probiotic Technology.  It’s so simple to use to, as you squeeze a small amount onto your fingers tips and massage onto wet skin for a couple of minutes, whilst enjoying the wonderful aroma, then splash off and your done.  It worked brilliantly to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, leaving my skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated, meaning it would be suitable for combination skins and those that are lacking hydration.
  • Intense Hydration Night Cream 50g £19.99 – It’s important to use a specific night cream, as your skin requires different ingredients at night than during the day.  This non-greasy formula made with 99% natural ingredients, including Clary Sage has been scientifically proven to provide intense hydration and absorbs quickly into the skin.  After a couple of weeks of use I now wake up to soft, hydrated skin and it has even improved the appearance of some stubborn fine lines on my forehead.
  • Intense Hydration Treatment Mask 110g £19.99 – I am a big fan of using masks as they are a potent blend to give the skin a real boost and this mask is a powerhouse of hydration.  Simply apply a thick layer to the facial area, leave for 10 minutes to allow the power of the natural ingredient to be absorbed into the skin, then remove the excess with a tissue.  Usually I would be saying remove from the skin with most masks but as this is a moisture mask, simply massage whats left into the skin to continue the hydration feed.  After one application I noticed that my skin felt hydrated and the appearance of fine lines had been plumped up.  This is a perfect pre party treatment as it gives the perfect base to apply makeup.

Overall this is a wonderful hydration routine that any one can benefit from using, as we all need that extra boost of hydration in our skins and what I love the most about this range is that all the products are full of natural ingredients and from a company that is ethically sound and cares about the raw ingredients that go into these skin hydrating essentials.

Have you tried any of the Burts Bees range before?

Do you use a specific night cream or mask treatment?

Please comment below and let me know.

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