My Anti-Ageing Complexion Essentials | Studio 10

My Anti-Ageing Complexion Essentials  |  Studio 10

Regardless of gender, as we age it’s important to take a good look at the products we are using on a daily basis to see if there are better solutions that are designed to help slow the ticking.  I for one know that the makeup I was using in my twenties now isn’t enough or have the right ingredients or textures as i’m approaching my mid thirties.

One brand I am a big fan of that has been designed to combat the signs of ageing through the use of clever anti-ageing ingredients in modern makeup solutions is Studio 10.  The founder Grace Fodor is an inspirational woman as she is committed to creating products that give you the ability to look more youthful on a daily basis.

Studio 10 are a also a cruelty free company who are committed to putting an end to animal suffering through testing.  They don’t test any of their products on animals, neither do they allow others to on their behalf and they always seek certification from their manufacturers that they do no test any of the raw ingredients used in their products on animals.  Which is fantastic to know that while you’re making yourself more youthful no animals have suffered to reach that end goal.

I believe that makeup shouldn’t be exclusively for the fairer sex, as there are many products that can help a guy to look his best on a daily basis, without looking like he is obviously wearing make up, but just a more perfected, groomed look.  Here are some of my must have complexion essentials from Studio 10.

  • Miracle Effect Priming Serum 15ml £68 – I first discovered this fantastic serum a year ago and I’ve kept it at my side ever since.  Whether you wear makeup or not the clinically proven anti-ageing results on the look of wrinkles, pore size, pigmentation and dark circles that this serum delivers is a must have in your beauty routine.  It gives my skin a perfected look, like a better version of myself, slightly retouched in the best light.  The texture is comparable to very expensive high end serums and within fifteen minutes of application, plumps out my fine lines and even gives a lifted effect on my eye lids, this is before any makeup has been applied to my skin.  No matter the texture of CC cream, foundation or powder that I apply over the top of this primer, it always keeps my makeup in place all day, whilst feeding my skin with anti-ageing ingredients.  I challenge you to try this primer, then the next day go back to using either your regular primer or none at all and truly experience the difference a great primer such as this can make to your appearance.
  • Hydra-Lift I-Corrector £24 – This is one of the newest additions to the Studio 10 range, like the primer it is enriched with a highly effective advanced skin perfecting and anti-ageing ingredients, such as Dermaxyl ®, Nyamplung Oil ™ and Hyaluronic Acid to stimulate cell repair, reduce the appearance of fine lines and hydrate the eye area.  This paraben free lightweight formula is infused with a peach toned colour corrector, which works brilliantly to disguise the appearance of tiredness and dark circles.  I often wear this on it’s own on a daily basis if i’m having a good skin day, as it’s important to look at your skin on a daily basis to see what it needs and it comes in a choice of two shades, I wear the medium shade as I naturally have a bit of colour and like to use a gradual tan.
  • Age Repair Perfect Canvas SPF30 9g £34 – This is also a new addition to the Studio 10 range, one that I have been very excited about as there are days where I require more coverage in the form of a foundation.  I didn’t expect this foundation to come with so many benefits, first of all it comes with dual shades allowing me to create bespoke coverage all year round and use the darker tone as a natural face contour, which colour adjusts to your own complexion to give a natural true skin appearance.  Then there is an SPF30, which I am passionate about using sun protection on a daily basis, so to be able to add another layer of protection is fantastic.  Next we have what I’ve come to expect with Studio 10 products, the hard hitting anti-ageing ingredients.  This time they have infused this foundation with Suberlift ™, Nyamplung Oil ™ and a complex of anti-oxidant vitamins, which have been clinically proven to give an instant smoothing lift and firming effect to the skin, whilst stimulating cell repair and limiting the oxidative stress responsible for premature ageing.  I don’t think you could get much more into a such a lightweight complexion enhancing product that looks so natural on the skin, which many close friends of mine didn’t think I was wearing any makeup.  I like to use the Double Ended Face Brush to apply this foundation as the finger shaped tip allows for perfect application and buffing into the skin, it has also won the Best Bridal Buys by Perfect Wedding.  I also wear the medium shade in this foundation.

Overall if you are concerned with the appearance of ageing, perhaps more lines have appeared recently or you’ve given up on finding complexion products that work with your skin and always feel your wearing a mask then I would seriously reccomend you give these three must have essentials a try, regardless of your gender or age.  It’s never too late to put your best face forward and make a real difference.

Also on the 10th March Studio 10 will be having their first TSV on QVCUK, that contains the majority of products I’ve mentioned above, plus additional items for less than the price of the serum if bought directly from Studio 10.

Item 230748 – Studio 10 5 Piece Picture Perfect Make-Up Collection £44.98 RRP £170


  • Miracle Effect Priming Serum 15ml
  • Age Repair Perfect Canvas 9g in a choice of Light, Medium or Dark
  • Brow Lift Perfecting Liner 1.4g
  • Wake Up & Glow Lip & Cheek Flush 3ml
  • Age Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner 1.4g

If you like the sound of this range and perhaps even just want to try the serum or foundation, then at this value it makes sense to give the TSV a try.

I hope you can join Grace Fodor & Buster Knight on QVC UK this Friday 10th February 2017.

Have you tried any of the Studio 10 range before?

Please comment below and let me know.

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