24 Hour Hydration | AD Skin Synergy

24 Hour Hydration  |  AD Skin Synergy

Apart from making sure you throughly cleanse your skin twice a day and wear and SPF, my next best tip to improve the appearance of you skin and hydration levels is to invest in a specific night treatment.  As during the night while your sleeping your skin is at it’s most active, working to purge out the toxins and renew your skin cells.  So it makes sense to chose a product which has been specifically developed to be used at night, feeding the skin to aid that that process.  Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, it’s a real thing and I have discovered a wonderful treatment that will allow you to wake up with plump and refreshed skin.

Using 100% certified organic Lavender from Provence, that has been grown at high altitude for maximum potency and hand picked with up most of care.  AD Skin Synergy have created a brand new Limited Edition of their Nourishing Night Treatment, which has won many awards and has been scientifically proven to increase skin hydration by over 60% after one application and continues for a further 24 hours.

This super fine oil contains a cocktail of organic ingredients such as coconut, jojoba, rose geranium, evening primrose and grapeseed to gorge the skin with hydration, whilst the potent Lavender aroma instantly makes me feel relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

If you’ve yet to try a specific targeted night treatment and want to increase the hydration in your skin, improve the appearance of line and wrinkles then I would seriously think about giving this a try.

I’ve only been using this for a week and my skin looks and feels much plumper, brighter and fresh.  Also it has helped me to get a better nights sleep by breathing in the pure Lavender oil as part of my night time ritual.

I love that AD Skin Synergy is an ethically sourced company, all the ingredients are 100% natural, there are no parabens or synthetic perfumes in any of their products, which means even sensitive skins can use this treatment, without the fear of any skin reaction or flare ups. Also this night treatment is suitable for all skin types, as treatment oils have a natural affinity with the skin to hydrate a dry or thirsty skin and can help to balance those who are oil or combination.

Also for any guys out their who are sporting a big of facial furniture, this works wonderfully to nourish and condition your beard hair.

This limited edition Lavender Nourishing Night Treatment is available direct from AD Skin Synergy and retails at £38 for a 50ml size, which I can see me lasting a good six months, or it can be purchased as part of a duo on QVCUK, who have the world launch of this exclusive limited edition.

Have you tried any of the AD Skin Synergy range before?

Do you use a specific night treatment at the moment?

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