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Cocktail Hour  |  BareMinerals

My two favourite activities in the warmer Spring / Summer months, is to be able to spend some time outside in nature, enjoying the feeling of the warm sun on my skin and alfresco dining in the evening with a few cocktails, accompanied by a warm breeze.

I always enjoy the sun responsibly, by wearing a high SPF cream or lotion, as I would reccomend that we all do.  But I do love the look of having a bronzed skin, as it really perks up the skin.  It’s a must have for me as I just look better and feel more confident when I have a tan, plus it’s a great way to perfect the skin without wearing layers of makeup, which can feel uncomfortable as the temperatures rise.

I’m so glad that BareMinerals, one of my most favourite makeup brands agree with me as they have created a three piece BareSkin Cocktail Hour Collection, which perfectly embodies everything I love about this time of year.

This collection contains everything you need to create a bronzed luminous glow to your skin and you can cocktail the effects to however you prefer it, whether shaken or stirred.

Item 231772 – BareMinerals BareSkin Bronzing Collection £42 available on 4 EZ Payments

Bareskin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer 30ml – I’ve tried many bronzers, I think they are a guys best friend when it comes to makeup as they give the skin a more groomed / chiselled appearance without the look of wearing makeup.  I’ve never heard of a serum bronzer before, which is a refreshing change as usually they come as a powder which often has bits of glitter of shimmer, which I’m personally not looking for, I want to look natural and sun-kissed.  I would always reccomend to shake the bottle well before use and start off with one drop then build up the coverage if you need more and apply in the shape of the number 3, start from the hairline, around onto the cheeks then across the jawline, as these are the highest points of the skin where the sun naturally hits your skin.  You can also add a drop into your liquid or serum foundation to give it a sun boosting lift.  This is the most natural a bronzer has looked on my skin, it gently contours the face and leaves the skin with a blend of three mineral optics, which give my skin a multidimensional dewy appearance.  What’s also great is this formula also contains skincare boosting ingredients in the form of antioxidant lilac plant stem cells,  to have these in a makeup product is practically unheard of.

Chandelight Glow Illuminator in Luminous Gold 4g – If your skin is looking tired and dull or if you want a touch of glamour to your appearance, then reach for this wonderful pot of molten gold.  The creamy-gel texture makes it so easy to apply, I like to use it under the brow, the top of the cheeks and a touch on my collar bone to really lift my skin.  You can cocktail this with the serum bronzer by swirling the brush in the compact then add a drop of bronzer into the middle of the brush, to combine the two effects which gives the skin a gorgeous bronzed luminosity which looks expensive as if you’ve just stepped off a yacht in the south of France.

Perfecting Face Brush – I love how BareMinerals are always innovating when it comes to their brushes, they don’t just produce a normal run of the mill applicator, they really engineer their brushes to deliver the best results in the most easy to use way.  It’s no wonder they have won many awards.  For example this has a reservoir cut out in the middle of the brush head, allowing you to place a few drops of the gorgeous serum bronzer which allows for a seamless application.  There will be no streaking or uneven coverage with this ingenious tool by your side.

If you’re tired of bronzers not suiting your skin or you get a little confused and it ends up looking like a muddy mess then try this collection, as this is the simplest way to achieve a seamless golden bronzed appearance to your skin.  Everyone regardless of gender or age could benefit from this trio of sun-kissed goodies.

This collection will be launching on QVCUK as part of The Great Beauty Event on Sunday 23rd April 2017, which is 24 hours of non stop beauty, makeup and skincare, all available of four easy payments.  I would suggest you order this collection early as it will be very popular and don’t want any of you guys or girls to miss out on experiencing these must have essentials.

Have you tried any of the BareMinerals range?

Do you find bronzers difficult to apply?

Please comment below and let me know.

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