Rosa Rosa Hydrating Skincare | Bodhi & Birch

Rosa Rosa Hydrating Skincare  |  Bodhi & Birch

When it comes to natural eco-luxe skincare, no body does it better than Bodhi & Birch.  As the weather doesn’t know if it’s Spring or Winter of late, I’ve been on a mission to restore my skins hydration levels.  So I’ve decided to strip it right back to basics and try their Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner, as I’m hoping this will also help with some skin sensitivity that’s been quite inflamed and sore recently.

I know from chatting to many of you on my social media channels, that a toner is often the one product which you tend to leave out of your routine or have had bad experiences with ones that strip your skin.  I would advise all of you, no matter your skin type, to take another look at the toners which are available these days and re-think about adding one into your routine, as they can make such a difference to your skin’s health.  I would particularly reccomend adding a toner to your routine if you use a wash off cleanser, or if water comes in contact with your skin as this disrupts the natural ph balance which can take up to twelve hours for the skin to correct on it’s own and while it’s doing this, any benefits from serums or creams aren’t reaching their potential, which is money wasted.

One of the main reasons I decided to try this toner is because it contains a pure blend of delicate floral waters such as orange blossom and camomile along with high concentrations of Rose Damascena, which has the most amazing skin benefits than other varieties.  There is also a drop of aloe vera and witch hazel for good measure to help sooth and calm any irritations.

Using this toner feels very luxurious, as it comes in a 100ml sleek glass bottle with a metal pump action spray, that allows my skin to be engulfed in a cloud of natural floral waters and looks chic displayed in my bathroom.  I do prefer to use a toner which can be spritzed over the skin as I often have facial hair or stubble, so using cotton wool pads can be a bit of a pain at times.

I appreciate that this may be a step up in price from other toners you’ve seen or tried as it retails at £28 for a 100ml size, but you only need a couple of spritz’s to experience the benefits.  Since adding the Rosa Rosa toner into my routine my skin feels dewy and plump, also the redness on my cheeks looks far less noticeable and my overall appearance looks fresher and hydrated.  I’m so glad I gave it a try as it’s the only product I’ve changed in my current routine and yet has made such a difference and has allowed all of my other products to work much better.

Have you tired any of the Bodhi & Birch range before?

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