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Mineral Bath Salt Crystals  |  Kneipp

When life becomes hectic there is nothing better than a nice relaxing bath to look forward to at the end of the day, for that much needed “me” time, allowing me to push the reset button and wash away the stresses of the day.  We all have very different lives, which means that sometimes a soak in the bath isn’t a luxury but instead becomes a necessity.

This brings me onto a couple of mineral bath salt products that I’ve recently been using from Kneipp, one that contains Arnica and the other Eucalptus.  I wanted to try this range because I was intrigued by the work of it’s founder Sebastian Kneipp who in the 19th century cured himself of tuberculosis by using natural plant extracts and submerging himself in icy cold water, which lead onto his work researching the therapeutic and healing effects of hydrotherapy and phytotheraphy.  Which today the Kneipp brand still embraces these historical values, to expertly combine the power of nature with modern day scientific technology to create natural products, free from preservatives, paraffin and silicone oils, with a focus on being primarily vegan.

For example if you like to go for a run, cycle or train hard in the gym, or perhaps you prefer to spend time creating a visual masterpiece in your garden, your body certainly feels the exertion from these types of activities.  Alas as the years go by my body isn’t quite a fast at recovering as it used to be, so I now need extra help to soothe my aching joints and muscles.  This is why I decided to try the Kneipp Arnica Mineral Bath Salt Crystals, as I’m a big fan of Arnica and it’s anti-inflammatory properties, but I’ve never tried this potent ingredient in this composition.  Where it has been combined with mineral salts that have been sourced from an ancient underground salt water sea in central Germany, using traditional pan boiling methods to retain the potency of trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc, which the body absorbs whilst taking a soak.

I have to say after one treatment I could instantly feel the benefits, not only had the aches in my shoulders and lower back feel eased but my skin felt soft and hydrated too.  The more I continued using this treatment the better the benefits became and felt able to carry on with my usual strenuous activities.

Of course I realise that not everyone may need to use Arnica, if you’re not as active, but one thing that most of us can’t escape from, no matter the season which are cold or flu symptoms, where you feel bunged up, head-achy and have little energy.  I’m quite lucky that I don’t often suffer from these ailments but when I do, I do in full force, especially the dreaded man-flu.  This is why I was intrigued to try the Kneipp Eucalpytus Mineral Bath Salt Crystals, as I adore the aroma of this natural plant ingredient and wanted to see how well it could help relieve my symptoms, particularly the breathing through my nose.  Once I opened the jar I could tell by the aroma that this is incredibly potent, as even though my cold I could still inhale some of the aroma.

Whilst having my first treatment, I could feel my airways opening up and I could breathe better and experience the aroma more and more, also the mineral salts had the same skin softening and hydrating effect like I experienced with the Arnica salt crystals.

Which ever of the bath salt crystals you choose, all you need to do is fill your bath as you normally would do, then fill the cap 3/4 full of the salt crystals and the pour into the bath, allowing them to dissolve into the water, then climb in and relax for at least 15 / 20 minutes to really allow your body to absorb the nutrients.

Also there are many ways that you can enjoy these salts crystals, if you don’t have a bath or maybe less mobile then I would suggest filling a bowl full of warm water, to then add the arnica crystals into for a relaxing foot soak or place a towel over your head, resting over the bowl to allow you to inhale the vapours, to relieve cold or flu symptoms.

I am very impressed by this potent range of natural products and I will certainly be trying more of the range.  Especially as these products are reasonably priced at £8.95 per jar and come in super large sizes which allow me to indulge rather than saving for a special occasion.

Have you tried any of the Kneipp range before?

Do you prefer to use natural ingredients when it comes to beauty treatments?

Please comment below and let me know.

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