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The Plasma Essentials  |  Perricone MD

Modern day living is full of technology, in the last decade it’s become a daily activity with smart phones, tablets and even your TV offering the latest apps for every need you can think of.  So it makes sense that skincare technologies need to advance, as with all this additional time spent viewing content it’s affecting our skin, increasing pollution levels and stress on skin cells, as we’re all trying to fit more into our day.

So I have recently made a switch in my skincare routine to try the latest cutting edge technologies from Perricone MD, in the hope I will be able to see a visible difference in my skin to counteract these modern day skin aggressors.

If you are unfamiliar with Perricone MD, this is a range that is ideal for anyone who is looking for serious, science based skincare.  It’s performance driven and features unique patented ingredients combined with innovative technologies.  This entire range encompasses a lifelong passion for it’s creator Dr Nicholas Perricone, who for over 30 years has been pushing the boundaries of science to unlock the secrets of anti-ageing skincare.  Being a board certified dermatologist, nutritionist, with over 100 US and international patents and a New York Times best selling author, make Dr Perricone a leading authority on the science of beautiful skin.

For the past month I have been using The Plasma Essentials collection, which combines four of Perricones unique patented award winning formulas.  The terminology used in this range is completely different than any other, as the ingredients and complexes have been created by Dr Perricone and are exclusive formulas you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Perricone MD – Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment 59ml – There as been a big focus of double cleansing lately, which is brilliant as it has brought the focus back to effective cleansing routines.  But if you want to take your skin one step further then try this triple cleanse formula, which combines Bio-Specific Peeling, Micro-Purification and Hydro-Fusion technologies in a quick and simple delivery system.  You only need to pour the amount of a fifty pence peace of this serum cleanser onto cotton wool pads and wipe over the skin for the ultimate pore cleansing experience, whilst fusing hydration into the skin.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in the clarity and glow of my skin since I added this to my routine.  My pores appear smoother and refined whilst my skin’s texture feel soft and plump.  You might be surprised to learn that even with all of these high-tech ingredients, it’s safe to take around the eye area and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.
  • Perricone MD – Hyalo Plasma 15ml – I’ve mentioned many times how important hydration is to promote optimal health and cell function of your skin.  One of the best ingredients and the most effective at doing this is Hyaluronic Acid, as it has the ability to hold up to 1,000 times it’s weight in water.  So I was over the moon to find out this product has been scientifically formulated with three forms of Hyaluronic Acid for maximum skin hydration.  This complex works in three stages, first you have barrier hyaluronic, which gives instant hydration, then cross-linked hyaluronic works to create a hydrating reservoir to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and then micro hyaluronic works on the deeper levels of the skin infusing moisture, so the cells are plump and supple, which is delivered in the patented plasma technology for ultimate performance.  I certainly agree with the clinical results, my skin appears less dehydrated, my fine lines look less noticeable, but the biggest difference I’ve noticed is the volume of my skin, particularly on my cheeks they feel lifted and have a more youthful, rounded appearance.  This is certainly one of the best skin treatments that I’ve tried thus far and would be happy to continue with the recommended 8 week course of treatment for the optimal results.
  • Perricone MD – Cold Plasma Eye 7.5ml – This area is always a concern for me, I have inherited hooded eye lids which can often make me look tired even when I’m not and working long hours I am often left with a darker appearance under the eyes, so I am always on the search for a product that can give multiple benefits.  This intelligent formula gives the eye area exactly what it needs, when it needs it, as it has been formulated with Dr Perricone’s Cold Plasma propriety delivery system, to address all signs of ageing around the eyes.  This gel-serum texture is packed with potent ingredients such as DHA to provide deep hydration, whilst smoothing the look of lines, Neuropeptides to firm and smooth the skin and a dose of Vitamin C Ester to brighten the appearance of discoloration.  Out of all the products in this collection I noticed the quickest change with this one, after only a couple of days eye area had a more youthful, firmer, smoother appearance which has given me the confidence to not have to reach for concealer on a daily basis.  The eye area is a particular concern for guys as it’s the first place a man’s skin tends to age, so I am pleased to have found such a powerful solution.
  • Perricone MD – Photo Plasma 30ml – One of my biggest missions in life is to educate how important it is to use a SPF on a daily basis as even when the sun isn’t shining bright, the skin is still being penetrated by harmful rays.  Also as I mentioned at the top of this post, spending so much time using technology and the type of light they omit, can cause damage to the skin with prolonged usage, plus environmental pollutants can ravage the skin if not protected.  Which brings me onto this ingenious formulation which not only contains a broad spectrum SPF 30 protection, but also contains patented anti-ageing and anti-pollution technologies, through the use of Alpha Lipoic which not only gives this moisturiser it’s peachy tone, but works as an anti-oxidant and is sixty times more effective than Vitamin E.  With the addition of Vitamin C Ester to firm, brighten and tone the skin, which is particularly effective to help repair any sun damage caused in the past too.  You would think this cream would need to be thick, heavy and greasy to give these multiple skin benefits, but instead it has been cleverly created in an oil-free formulation, that feels light on the skin and sinks in immediately for maximum results.  I have a combination skin so to be able to use a moisturiser that I can feel confident that my skin is fully protected whilst delivering powerful anti-ageing benefits is amazing.  My skin feels hydrated and I’ve noticed an increased radiance in my appearance, since adding this into my routine.  This is one product that I urge everyone to try as you need to see the results for yourself.

Overall the aroma of all of these products are very scientific, if your looking for products that have a spa-like aromatherapy scent then this might not be the range for you, but the results are worth giving all of these fantastic formulas a try.  I am very impressed by the difference I have seen on my skin and I am confident your skin will never have experienced anything like this before and I encourage you to see the noticeable changes for the better.

This collection is also fantastic value, as if you were to purchase these products individually they would cost you over £140 where as you can purchase this collection for pretty much half price from Perricone MD and other leading specialist skincare stores.

Have you tried Perricone MD before?

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