#SummerBody – Utan and Tone TSV on QVCUK 19th May 2017

#SummerBody – Utan and Tone TSV on QVCUK 19th May 2017

With June just around the corner and the warm summer months on their way, I realise that my plans for exercising more often haven’t quite worked out and I certainly haven’t got that #SummerBody that I hoped for as of yet.  One of the tricks I’ve learned over the years to give the appearance of a healthy, more toned body is by having a tan.  I’m personally not a fan of sunbathing and being from the North East of England, it’s not that easy for me to achieve a natural tan even if I wanted to, so I prefer to use a faux tan to give me a more bronzed look.

One of most enjoyable parts of summer is when the sun is shining as it always lifts my mood, and having a tan gives me that same feeling.  I’m therefore always on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ faux tan that will give me a natural, bronzed appearance.

This is why I’ve decided to give the upcoming UTan and Tone #TSV collection a try. Not only are these products designed to give a gradual tan, they are also packed full of natural, organic ingredients and skin boosters such as Hyaluronic AcidVitamins and Coconut.  Plus they are the first brand to combine skin firming and toning properties from the Wild Indigo plant into self-tan solutions, which I am certainly in need of.

If you are new to the UTan and Tone range, it is a Scottish company which is manufactured in Britain, created by Lady Michelle Mone OBE who is an entrepreneur, global speaker, designer, innovator and parliamentarian.  After having huge success with her lingerie brand Ultimo, she set about creating an advanced organic, Paraben-free self-tan formula, to meet the needs of those who wanted to use a faux tan but didn’t like the aroma and orange appearance often associated with tanning.  Also, the range is 100% cruelty free, right from the ingredients to the packaging.

Item 231030 – UTan and Tone 3 Piece Tanning Collection £25.98 Under £30 RRP


  • Nourishing Night Crème 50ml – I have wanted to try this anti-ageing night crème for quite some time as I like the idea of applying before bed and waking up to a more bronzed, youthful appearance.  I would describe the texture as a cream-gel consistency which I found easy to apply and disappeared into my skin without any residue or stickiness… perfect for the warmer nights ahead.  Not only does this cream give you a wonderful, natural looking tan, but my skin felt plumper and firmer which I put down to the inclusion of wonderful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins C, B5, B6, B9 and K which nourish and feed the skin.  There is also a blackhead preventative included in this formula as so often, tanning creams or lotions can end up creating these, even on non-oily skin types.
  • Coconut Tanning Water 100ml – I adore the aroma of coconuts as I instantly feel as though I’ve been transported to a white sandy beach, sipping a cocktail by the sea, so it was an absolute pleasure to use this tanning water. I kept wanting to have a quick spritz all the time to enjoy the scent of the natural coconut water.  I often use a toner throughout the day for an instant hit of hydration, so it has been lovely to switch it up and use this water instead to not only moisturise my skin, but also add a touch of golden glow.  Out of the TSV collection I think this product will be most popular with guys as the application is so easy and can be quickly applied after taking a shower at the gym.  I was surprised at the depth of colour I could achieve with this product as the texture is so lightweight and I would love to see this in a supersize as I am becoming addicted.
  • Spray & Glow 150ml – This is the newest formula to launch from UTan & Tone and is exclusive to QVC.  It has been designed to give the skin on your body an instant hit of hydration with its moisturising ingredients such as glycerine and Vitamin E, whilst achieving a natural looking, gradual tan.  It has a 360-degree spray applicator which produces a fine mist, making it easy for me to apply to those ‘hard to reach’ areas such as my back, and has a gorgeous citrus aroma which makes me feel fresh and revitalised after a long day.  I think this is perfect to even up natural tans too, where perhaps clothing may have left a white mark or as a quick-fix if you’re heading out to a summer garden party at the last minute, you can give your legs spritz and wear clothing that exposes a bit more skin.

Overall I was very impressed by the quality of the tan that I achieved, it has to be one of the most natural looking tans that I have ever tried, there is nothing fake or orange about the look and you can build it up to give the appearance that you’ve had a nice holiday abroad somewhere hot.  I also like that this range is suitable for sensitive skins due to the natural, organic ingredients and there are multiple options for tan application, which you can easily fit into your routine without compromising on your skincare.

Although the Coconut Tanning Water and Spray & Glow provide hands-free application, I would always recommend when applying any faux tan with your fingers, that you make sure to wash your hands afterwards so you don’t end up with tell-tale bronzed palms.

I hope you can tune in for the launch on Friday 19th May on QVCUK, where you can discover more about this collection and other products from this fantastic range.

Are you a fan of using faux-tan?

Do you like to have a bronzed appearance?

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