SensiLift Anti Ageing Facial Tightening Device | Sensica

SensiLift Anti Ageing Facial Tightening Device  |  Sensica

When it comes to skin ageing, their are many options available to choose from to help slow the ticking.  Such as skincare creams and serums to non-evasive fillers and injections to give you a more youthful appearance.  I am personally not against any forms of treatment, as I feel you should do what’s best for you, but I am a big believer in trying everything that is available before going down the inject-able route, but that’s my own personal opinion.

I have had facials where machines have been used to help firm and tighten the facial muscles on the skin and seen reasonable improvement in my appearance.  The only drawbacks for this type of treatment was finding the time to go to the salon, along with the cost which was around £80-£100 per session, depending where you are in the country.  So I was excited to learn that Sensica who have been providing high end technologies which are used in clinics, like the treatments I’d previously had in the salon, have created an anti-ageing device that can used in the comfort of your own home.

This device is called sensiLift™ which is a handheld device that uses their proprietary Dynamic RF ™ technology to give a powerful, cutting-edge professional rejuvenating treatment to your skin.  You may be thinking, like I was what does Dynamic RF ™ mean? well the RF stands for “radio frequency” which have been specifically calibrated to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers to stimulate the collagen fibres by heating them up to the correct and safe temperature, which causes the skin to tighten and improve the elasticity.

What’s even better with this device compared to others, as the applicator gently massages the skin at the same time as emitting the RF technology, which has been proven to aid with the penetration into the skin layers and also feels relaxing while carrying out the treatment at the end of a long day.  This device can be used over the entire face and neck, even around the eyes as their are specialised sensors which constantly read the skin and adjust the temperature to ensure a more personalised, safe treatment.

It’s really simple to use, you just need to make sure you have thoroughly cleansed your skin and their is no moisturiser or makeup on the skin, then apply some of the sensiLift base gel to the area you wish to treat, plug in the sensiLift device and choose your desired strength and speed setting, then apply to the area you wish to treat.  I would always start of a lower setting and speed, then build up to allow your skin to adjust to using this new technology, but the choice is entirely yours.  Also for guys using this device if you wish to use on areas where you have stubble or a beard, make sure you have given yourself a smooth clean shave for the best results.

I would reccomend that you treat one area at a time, as you need spend a good five minutes per area, before moving onto the next.  Don’t do what I did and apply the base gel over your entire face, like I did for my first treatment, as by the time I came to move to another area it had dried in so I was just wasting the gel as I needed to reapply.

My main concern areas are around my eyes, the contour of my jaw line and cheeks, so this is where I have been focusing when using this device.  You only need to use this device for one treatment per week, I like to save it for a Sunday night, to give my skin a renewed glow for the start of a new week.  I have only had three weeks worth of treatments so far, out of the six weeks recommended course, but I’ve already begun to notice a difference, particularly around my eyes as I have a hereditary hooded eye, but by using this device this area has become firmed and lifted, which my close friends have begun to comment about.

Just like when trying a new skincare product, their can be contraindications to consider before using any new treatments, just like with this device.  I wouldn’t reccomend you use this if you are under 18, pregnant or nursing, if you’ve had a chemical peel within three months, if you have skin cancer or undergoing radiotherapy treatments, any heat induced diseases, or have lupus or autoimmune disease and avoid areas of eczema.  If you are at all concerned about a condition you may be dealing with then consult Sensica direct for any more information.

Also if you like to use glycolic products on your skin such as those I’ve wrote about before from Alpha-H, it is safe to use these types of treatments combined with this device, as long as they contain less than 10% and you leave a full 24 hours gap inbetween, to avoid any over stimulation of the skin.  I would also reccomend you use a high SPF factor when using this type of treatment, as you want the new regenerated skin to be protected from the sunlight.

I would highly reccomend you give this sensiLift™ device a try and see the results for yourself.  I am going to continue with the rest of the six weeks course and post some before and after photos, to show you the difference.

Also on the 1st June 2017 Sensica will be having this device on QVCUK as a Today’s Special Value, which is the perfect chance to try this technology at a reduced price of £238.50, with a 60 days money back guarantee and on three easy payments too.

Have you tried any other anti-ageing devices before?

Are you concerned about the firmness of your skin?

Please comment below and let me know.

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