Male Spa Grooming | Pevonia

Male Spa Grooming  |  Pevonia

More men than ever are looking after their skin, which has lead to a signifficant growth in the male grooming industry, so it’s no wonder new products aimed at guys are on the increase, with brands looking a new innovative ways in which to tempt us.  I am all for progress when it comes to skincare in general, but I also value brands that have stood the test of time, which have been eco-friendly for many years, before it became trendy to do so.

One such company is Pevnoia, who for over twenty six years have been creating bespoke spa treatments and products to provide natural skincare solutions, no matter your gender or skin type.  They are a global brand that’s available in over 95 countries worldwide and have been instrumental in the development of the spa market in the UK and created their own spa consultancy division to create the most perfect spa environments.  Throughout all of this success they have remain true to their core belief that quality always comes before quantity.

One daily activity that most us need to do is shave, so I have decided to put Pevonia’s experience to the test with two products from their men’s spa range.

  • Easy-Glide Shaving Emulsion £36 – This new innovative texture makes it so easy to shave, as it adheres to the skin and hair to give the smoothest shave I’ve ever had.  Combining ingredients such as Lavender, Vitamin E, Chamomile and Saflower to soothe and condition the skin, without leaving it dry and tight.  One of my biggest problems with shaving formulas as is they have a tendency to dry the skin, but this left my skin hydrated and smooth.  It can also be used by the fairer sex to effortlessly remove unwanted hair from their legs too.
  • Soothing After Shaving Balm £48 – This formulation is very clever as it is packed full of high quality skincare ingredients such as Arnica, Ginko Biloba, Portulacca, Green Tea and Lavender, which protect, hydrate and soothe the skin after shaving.  The texture is that of a gel-serum so it instantly absorbs into the skin and gives a cooling sensation to the skin, perfect in warmer temperatures even when not shaving.  This is more than just an after-shaving balm, to me it’s has the same quality as a high end skin perfecting moisturiser.

Overall if you are looking to upgrade your shaving performance and look after your skin, then this duo of spa shaving essentials are some of the best that I’ve tried.  They are also ultra concentrated and I could see them lasting me a good six months of daily use.

With Father’s Day coming up later this month these would make a perfect gift, which I’m sure your Dad will be asking for time and time again.

Have you tried any of the Pevonia range before?

Are you looking to upgrade your shaving performance?

Please comment below and let me know.

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