Summer Footwear | Nike

Summer Footwear  |  Nike

I have always been much more of a trainers guy, as there are many options that can not only give me the comfort factor, but I feel they can be very stylish too, especially if your style is more smart-causal like me.  One of my favourite brands when it comes to purchasing a new pair of trainers is Nike, ever since I was a young boy I’ve rarely been seen without them on my feet.  I particularly favour their Air Max range as the extra cushioning under foot from their iconic Air-Sole technology, makes each step feel that bit lighter and more pleasurable.

With the Summer season now in full swing I thought it was time that I treated myself to a new pair of trainers, I was particularly looking for some in an earthy green shade as Wimbledon one of my favourite tennis tournaments of the year is just around the corner and I wanted to in part reflect the rich grassy surface that this world famous tournament is played upon.

So after many hours of deliberating I chose the Nike Air Max 95 Essential trainers in the khaki shade, as I remember being a fan of the unique rippled design and gradient colour scheme the first time around, which added a retro element to my decision making and the khaki colour way really stood out against the others.

Also the design elements of the mesh upper with the leather and synthetic overlays allow my feet to feel comforted and ventilated, as the last thing any wants is sweaty feet.  Additionally after many years of playing tennis the extra cushioning around the collar of these trainers help to support my ankle, allowing me to walk, run or jog with peace of mind that I’m not going to exacerbate or cause my ankle joints any discomfort.

Their are many different colour ways to suit you’re own individual style, I am so happy with the khaki shade I chose as I’ve found they work perfectly with many clothing and shade choices to compliment or enhance my outfit.  These particular trainers retail at £119.95 which offer fantastic value as I usually wear trainers most days and find they still feel and look like new with up to a years worth of wear.  These can be purchased direct from Nike and are available in many high street sports stores.  I do have my eye on the Nike Air Vapormax as my next choice as the design looks super futuristic and the additional air cushioning I’m sure will feel like I’m practically walking on air.


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