A Monopoly Adventure

A Monopoly Adventure

Whether it’s in our professional or personal lives, we all aspire to build strong relationships with our partners, maximise our potential and to do that little bit better everyday.  Much like the iconic Monopoly board game, we all have our ups and downs and success is never measured in a straight line, there are lots of ups and downs where you need to take chances to succeed.

Be ready to roll the dice and take an adventure as you never know where it may lead and inject some opulent extravagance into your life with these new Monopoly Collectors Editions of Paco Rabanne’s iconic One Million and Lady Million fragrances.

The design of these bottles are pure luxury and I feel proud to display them in my home and when reaching for them while I’m out and about as they look and feel expensive.  I adore how these collectors editions have a playful side with the Monopoly dice emblazoned on the front, reminding me not to take life to seriously.

  • One Million – This sensual aroma starts off with refreshing fruity notes of blood orange and grapefruit which blend into a spicy floriental experience that finishes with a tough masculine elements of wood and leather accords.
  • Lady Million – Like it’s male counterpart this is seduction in a bottle, which opens with citrus notes of raspberry, sweet orange and lemon, which blend into an exotic floral experience filled with jasmine and gardenia petals, laid on a warm base of white honey and amber.

These fragrances perfectly compliment one another for the ultimate power couple, or for those singletons such as me it might just attract a new partner to join you on you’re quest for adventure.

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