Pretty In Paradise Beauty Box | Look Fantastic

Pretty In Paradise Beauty Box  |  Look Fantastic

It’s the start of a new month, so you that means a new beauty box from Look Fantastic, this time they are taking you on a journey to paradise for this edit.  Each monthly box will contain at least six hand picked beauty must haves worth over £60 and subscriptions start at £13 per month including postage.

If you’ve missed any of my reviews of their previously released monthly beauty boxes, then you can find them HERE.

First of all the packing on this months box is stunning, I can almost feel the warm breeze and touch the palm leaves.  But wait till you see what’s inside, as there is a generous assortment of products from Cowshed, Regenerate, MoroccanOil, Jelly Pong Pong, Imedeen, Revers Cosmetics and Mimitika.

There are many companies offering a monthly beauty box but one of the most appealing factors to choose Look Fantastic, is that each box has a theme, specifically created for your skins needs at the time whatever the season.  There is also the latest edition of Elle magazine to read at your leisure and discover the latest trends and articles whilst you relax and enjoy the range of beauty products.

The contents includes:

  • Cowshed – Chamomile Refreshing Toner 50ml – I always reccomend using a toner as it can be so beneficial to balance your skin after cleansing.  With extracts of Lavender and Chamomile this toner feels cooling and soothing on the skin, perfect if your skin is feeling hot or stressed.  I’ve also found this works wonderfully on some cotton wool pads as a tired eye rescue, as my eyes get very sore due to hayfever and working on the computer most of the day.  The only improvement to this product would of been to be available in a a spray bottle as I like to mist my skin throughout the day.
  • Regenerate – Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste 14ml – Utilising clinically proven and patented NR-5 technology, this toothpaste helps to recreate the mineral that tooth enamel is made of, working to reverse the action of early erosion and protect against cavities, acid and decay.  I’ll admit I do indulge in too many sugary treats so this is perfect for me, I’ve noticed that my teeth look whiter and feel stronger in the couple of weeks I have been using this, I will be purchasing in the full size to continue the treatment.
  • MoroccanOil – Hydrating Styling Cream 75ml – If it’s not the damp weather then it’s my use of heat styling that’s been making my hair feel dryer and frizzy, so this wonderful light weight, parben and mineral oil free cream has come just at the right time.  I like to use a small amount on wet hair before drying as it holds the moisture in my hair and gives protection from the heat.  It’s also great when my hair is tied back to smooth away any fly away hairs.
  • Revers Cosmetics – Hot Makeup Bronzing Powder 8g – After reading the ingredients I wasn’t pleased to see this included in this months box, I can only think it has been a bit of an oversight by “LF”.  As it includes parabens, mineral oil, paraffin and talc, all of which don’t suit my skin.  It has a slight shimmer within the bronzed pigments to give a glowing appearance, but personally this isn’t one for me.
  • Jelly Pong Pong – Bare Necessities Highlighting Pencil – This is must have multi-tasking essential as it can be used to highlight, conceal and as an eye shadow base.  The creamy formula is paraben free and contains Maracuja and Rooibos Tea extracts to condition the skin.  I’m looking forward to trying more from this range.
  • Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot 15ml – Revitalise your skin from within with this age defying Collagen and Vitamin C skin supplement.  It’s important to look at what you’re putting into your body as this is show in your skin, so to have a handy on the go skin booster sounds fab.  I would really like to try a longer course to see the full benefits, but this sounds great.
  • Mimitika – Face Sunscreen SPF50 10ml – I am always championing the use of SPF on a daily basis, as you can do so much damage to your skin even when the sun isn’t shining bright, plus we are using so much technology that gives off blue light which is affecting our skins too.  This lightweight formula has been designed for those that like to get a bit of sun as it contains ingredients to help stimulate your melanin production whilst giving the skin protection.  This would of been better in a tube as with this size of this pot, it’s difficult to get the product out, thankfully the full size is 50ml which I can imagine would be much easier.

“Overall I am impressed by this months selection, with a couple of products which could of been slightly better, mainly due to the packaging, but it’s certainly got in my holiday mood, now I just need somewhere to go. ”

If you are looking to try some new beauty brands, in luxurious sizes to see a real difference with multiple applications all in one boxed collection that have a retail value of over £60 for a monthly fee starting at £13.00, makes this in my opinion one of the best available.

Have you tried a Look Fantastic monthly beauty box before?

Do you like to try new brands?

Please comment below and let me know.

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