Elemis Day To Night Luminous Skin TSV on QVCUK 8th July 2017

Elemis 6 Piece Day To Night Luminous Skin TSV on QVCUK 8th July 2017

No matter what our age or gender we all want our skin to look at it’s best and as healthy as possible, unfortunately with busy modern day lifestyles where we are on the go most of the day, whether that be due to work, looking after a family or a full social life, we often end up looking and feeling tired, like the proverbial candle being burnt at both ends.  Also so many of us are using a smart phone or tablet on a daily basis, which emits blue light that can have an ageing effect on the skin and makes it difficult to switch off and get a good nights rest.

Our skin, like the rest of our body has it’s own cycle which can become out of sync with all these pressures we put it through on a daily basis and now that Summer is in full swing their is the additional concern about sun exposure and damage to the skin.

Thankfully I have found a solution that will address these skin issues and what’s even better is they are all available in one day only, specially priced collection, from one of my favourite luxury British skincare and spa brands Elemis, which launches exclusively on QVCUK the 8th July 2017.

Item 231789 – Elemis 6 Piece Day To Night Luminous Skin Collection £59.96 RRP £ available on 4 EZ Payments.

  • Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm 105g – As soon as I opened the lid of this cleansing balm I was greeted with an aromatic fresh floral aroma, a distinctive fragrance combination of Mimosa and Lavender with a hint of Mint.  You only need to use the size of a two pence piece, which you gently warm into the palm of your hands and apply to a dry face in circular massaging movements.  I noticed the texture of this cleansing balm allowed me to massage this cleanser on my face for a longer period of time then I would normally, which is beneficial to the skin to improve texture and tone.  Once I removed this cleanser “I noticed my skin felt hydrated, plump and deeply cleansed, it had removed all traces of foundation, dirt and grime from my face, leaving my skin smooth and radiant, as if I had used two or three products or had a spa facial.”  As each day passes using this cleansing balm, the texture of my skin has greatly improved and looks more radiant in appearance.  I have a top tip. if you apply this balm before you have a bath and then leave it on till you’re just about to get out and then remove, as the steam in the bathroom allows this balm to work deeper into the skin, the results are amazing.  It’s no wonder that this formulation has won many awards.  Also this works brilliantly to remove long wear spf creams from the skin, which is important to use everyday even when the sun isn’t shining.
  • Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil 30ml – I have been so excited to try this product since I became aware of it a couple of months ago, it’s unlike anything that I have tried before.  The texture starts off as a cream to give hydration to the skin, which then transforms into a sumptuous oil, allowing deeper penetration into the lower levels of the skin and has a unique subtle aroma, to lull me into a restful nights sleep.  I would describe this as an overnight charge for your skin, as when I woke up the next morning after my first application my skin looked rested and radiant.  This clever formulation contains night stocks which bloom at night, so when topically applied works with your skins own natural circadian rhythms to repair and reset your the skin whilst your asleep.  Whilst a blend of jojoba and coconut oil give intense hydration to plump the skin, plus perilla seed oil which is rich in omega-3 and flavones, give the skin powerful antioxidant protection.  I have only been using this for a few days now but I am already impressed by the difference in the appearance of my skin, it looks fresh, bright and glowing with healthy radiance.
  • Pro Collagen Marine Cream 30ml (Choice of Original or Ultra Rich) – Over the years I have tried many different creams from various brands, which I believe is important to find out which suits your own skin as we are all unique.  Around eight years ago I decided to try the Pro Collagen Marine Cream again as none of the other creams I’d tried since had worked so effectively on smoothing out my fine lines and wrinkles, since then I have never been without this miracle cream.  “There is nothing quite like the Pro Collagen Marine Cream, the natural aroma, the gel-cream texture, the ability to hydrate and plump the skin and above all the line erasing results that I have seen on my skin are truly outstanding. “  I would never want to be without the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine cream, it has made it onto my list of Desert Island Products that I simply cannot be without and I’m sure if you try it you will feel the same way.  If I am in a rush or to be honest being a little lazy I use the Pro Collagen Marine cream as a face, neck and eye cream, there is no other anti-ageing product that I have been able to use in such a multi functional way and still be effective.  You can choose between the Original or Ultra Rich versions, I usually opt for the original version but I’ve noticed since my most recent birthday that my skin needs a slightly richer texture to give comfort and hydration to my skin.
  • Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower Nectar 300ml – Due to the increased heat throughout the Summer months I can have up to three showers a day to keep me feeling feel refreshed and clean, which means I need to choose a body cleanser which doesn’t strip the skin and feeds the skin with hydration.  I have been a longtime fan of the Frangipani aroma, as it’s been so long since I’ve had an overseas holiday, but the moment I breath in this intoxicating aroma I am transported to a tropical white sandy beach.  I admit this aroma may not be to all guys tastes, but personally I find it to be an exotic masterpiece.  The decadent formulation which contains sesame seed and Tahitain monoi oils, transforms from a silky nectar into a luscious foam which deeply cleanses the skin, whilst gorging the skin with hydration.
  • Frangipani Monoi Body Oil 35ml –  This oil is the most perfect Summer multi-tasking product, not only can you use it all over your body to give intense hydration, but it’s a must have hair treatment as it has a natural UV protection to combat the sun rays, plus if your a keen swimmer it will help counteract the affects of the chlorine.  “I love how this oil melts into the skin providing deeply nourishing hydration and a gorgeous exotic aroma, perfect for this time of year to look after your skin throughout the Summer months.”   The consistency of this oil will change depending on temperature, so don’t be surprised if it appears to be a solid oil as it will transform into a liquid texture once warmed, to do this I usually sit the bottle in a some warm water for a couple of minutes, or in the Summer months it usually stays a liquid consistency.  I also like to decant some of the oil into small travel pots when liquid, as once it solidifies it can used as multitasking balm, which is especially effective on the cuticles and lips.
  • Frangipani Monoi Body Cream 100ml – I’ve never been great at using a body cream, usually it’s because most take a while to apply but I’ve noticed that the skin on my body is lacking hydration so I wanted to be consistent and give this a try.  Well this body cream didn’t disappoint, not only are you adding another layer of gorgeous frangipani aroma but the enriching Macadamia and Sesame seed oils just melt into the skin, even on my hairy legs.
  • White cosmetic bag,

Overall this is a brilliant collection packed with fantastic treatment essentials which you can use top to toe, giving your skin the optimum treatment and nourishment around the clock.  It would make for a great introduction into the Elemis range, likewise I know many of you who are big fans of this range will be eager to try the new night treatment.

I hope that you can join the lovely Keeley Aydin at midnight on the 8th July to find out more hints and tips about this collection, plus I suggest you grab more than one of these collections, especially if you adore the Frangipani aroma as it won’t be in any other TSV collections this year, yes that includes the Christmas TSV too.

All of these products come with a three year shelf life unopened and six months once opened.

I welcome any questions you may have about these products, please leave a comment below.

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