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Sparkle Like A Unicorn  |  Nails Inc

Modern day living can be tough, with never ending to do lists, so sometimes it’s nice to escape into a fantasy world whenever possible.  This is why I’ve really been enjoying all the magical inspiration from mythical creatures I see everywhere this season, It brings me back to my childhood where I could dream and loose myself in a world where there was no stress or chores that needed doing around the house.

One of the biggest trends has been Unicorns, these magnificent woodland creatures have been revered for centuries with many legendary tales of their existence.  So it’s no wonder that they’ve inspired the latest long wear nail polish collection from Nails Inc, available in two iridescent shades that will give your hooves a magical makeover.  Both of which can be worn on their own or they can breathe new life into an old favourite.

  • Dream Dust – This is a super glam rose gold base with the most requisite holographic shimmer running through it, which adds an element of depth and dimension to the nails.  I adore this over a bold bright shade such as Spring Passage or Harrington Gardens to give a mystical inspired look.
  • Rainbow Wishes – This is my favourite out of the two shades because I’ve never come across a shade like this before, it’s totally unique with hints of blue & purple combined with a chrome finish.  To me this is magic in a bottle, whilst still remaining glamorous and elegant on the nails, this is the shade to showcase your inner child.

Nails Inc Sparkle Like A Unicorn Shade Swatches

As ever both of these polishes are a professional formula with the cleverly designed round ended wide brush, which makes application so quick and easy.  I would always reccomend two coats to achieve the full depth of each shade, I also found with the Rainbow Wishes if you apply a third coat the blue tones pop more, so worth bearing in mind if this is what you’re looking for.

These magical nail polishes are available as a duo and can be purchased from the Nails Inc online shop and are currently priced at £15 for both shades, which is an absolute bargain.  I hope you enjoy having many hours of play time and experimentation with these shades.


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