Biomolecular Radiance & Recovery Masks | IMAGE Skincare

Biomolecular Radiance & Recovery Masks  |  IMAGE Skincare

Sheet masks have become a big trend over the past couple of years, due to technological advances they provide a quick and effective way to treat your skin to potent ingredients, with no mess or fuss.  I was excited to try these masks from the IMAGE Skincare range, as I have been hearing lots of great feedback about this US based innovative clinical skincare company.

When it comes to good skin health, it’s important to have a good mix of hydration and anti-ageing ingredients in your routine as they both benefit each other.  That’s why I was keen to try both the I Mask Biomolecular Anti-Ageing Radiance Mask & the I Mask Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask as you could use each of them once a week to deliver optimal skin nutrition.

Both of these masks are made from a hydrogel base which have been shaped to comfortably fit the facial area and have been specifically infused with a blend of active ingredients to deliver skin specific results.

The I Mask Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask contains a skin rejuvenating blend of volcanic water, ginseng root, amino acids and antioxidants.  I decided to use this on a morning where i’d had very little sleep but had a busy day of meetings to attend and needed to look my best.  The mask felt instantly cooling on the skin, which helped me to feel awake and I left it on for a good twenty minutes, partly because I was feeling lazy and partly as I needed all the help I could get.  After removal I was very impressed how smooth and radiant my skin looked despite my few hours of sleep.

I tried the I Mask Biomolecular Anti-Ageing Radiance Mask a few days later after a long day working, as I had a date after which I wanted to look my best for, I mean first impressions count so worth making the effort.  The mask feels nice and cool once placed on the skin, just like how the hydrating mask felt.  This time brightening botanicals have been infused with peptides and blended with volcanic water and antioxidants to helped with any fine lines or ageing concerns.  This time I was in a little bit more of a rush getting ready but left the mask on for a good fifteen minutes.  I was very pleased to see that upon removal the few fines lines I have around my eyes were barely noticeable, the mask had made such a difference and allowed me to feel confident to be myself on my date.

If you’ve yet to try the sheet mask phenonmenon and find traditional masks a bit of a faf then I would reccomend you give these Image Skincare masks a try.  They are great to use as a weekly skin pick me up treatment and perfect before any special occasion, I would highly reccomend any bride’s or grooms to pop one on the morning of the wedding for instant hydrated and glowing skin.

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