Australian Bodycare 4 Piece Back To Basics Tea Tree TSV on QVCUK 23rd August 2017

Australian Bodycare 4 Piece Back To Basics Tea Tree TSV on QVCUK 23rd August 2017

It’s really important to think about stripping back your routine to the core fundamentals, such as cleansing, as so often when we have an issue with our skin it can very easy to try a new product hoping that will solve the problem without considering if what you’re currently using could be causing the issue you’re experiencing.

There’s one product I’ve come to rely on for over twenty years, to ensure that the skin on my body is throughly and hygenically cleansed on a daily basis.  It may not be the most glamorous but I would never want to be without a bottle of Australian Bodycare’s Tea Tree Skin Wash, to keep my skin feeling and looking healthy.  I adore the herbal anti-bacterial aroma of the tea tree oil, as it makes me feel refreshed and totally clean.

If you’ve yet to try this essential skin wash or if you’re a long time fan like me, then you will be able experience the wonders of Australian Bodycare as on the 23rd August they will be launching a bumper back to basics TSV on QVCUK at a one day only specially reduced price.

Containing two bottles of the Tea Tree Skin Wash in a 1000ml & 500ml size plus a travel pack of 24 Tea Tree Wet Wipes which I find come in very handy to freshen up on the go, particularly in warmer weather or on holiday, plus there is a brand new launch of the Tea Tree Cleansing Bar which is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to gently cleanse the face & body without causing any dryness or over stripping the skin.  I have been using the cleansing bar as my morning facial cleanser to remove any dirt or grime that my skin has expelled whilst I’ve been sleeping, the aroma really helps me to wake up and feel ready to start the day.

If you would like to try this TSV collection for yourself it can be purchased at this LINK for an incredible price of £29.98 and is also available with an Auto Delivery option so you always have back as if your like me then you want to always have a bottle in a cupboard ready just in case.

Also this collection would be perfect for the entire family to use, to ensure everyone is properly cleansed and their skin is looked after no matter their age or gender.


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