Eco Friendly Hair Colour Infusion

Eco Friendly Hair Colour Infusion

Let’s face it over recent years more and more men are looking after their skin, there are also becoming more savvy about the type of ingredients they want to use, moving away from the mass marketed brands that have been targeting men for decades as the vast majority of these products contain parabens, sulphates or silicone’s, which make it cheaper to manufacture and can cause skin irritation and sensitivity.

Also ever since the days when David Beckham reigned supreme with his latest designer hair cut, has meant men are now not afraid to try something different, such as longer styles, man buns and the use of colour a common occurrence, even with gentlemen men who aren’t flicking through the latest fashion magazines or trend driven.  I’ve had many different hair cuts and colours over the years, recently I’ve adopted a longer style with added texture and definition for that fashion edge, but I’m not afraid to experiement and have had many fully shaved buzz cuts too.

With this in mind over the past couple of months I have been putting a couple of the Infuse My Colour hair cleansing products from the My. Haircare range to the test.  This range offers five variations of colour wash products which allows your choose which is best for you depending on your hair shade or the effect that you’d like to achieve.  What’s different about these products is that not only will they refresh and extend the life of your salon colour,but they contain 100% vegan biodegradable colour and totally free from sulphates, silicones or parbens, which means your hair will look and feel healthy, rather than over processed and dried out by chemicals.

I have dark brown hair which during the Summer months tend to lighten with hints of warm blonder tones, I’m not a fan of this as I prefer my hair to maintain it’s deep rich brunette tones.  So I decided to try the Cobalt wash as this has been designed to maintain the depth in dark blonde, light and dark brown hair by neutralising warm tones with it’s unique formula.  I found after just one wash I could immediately see a difference in my hair colour, all the light / coppery tones were gone and it had greater vibrancy and depth.  I continued to use this wash for the next couple of washes for maximum effect, I now use it every other wash to maintain the results, which means you don’t need to throw away any much loved products you have, just add this into your routine to see the difference for yourself.

I was considering having some lighter tones put into my hair over the Summer which is why I also chose the Platinum colour wash to try, but I didn’t end up doing this in the end.  So I decided to give this a try on my Dad’s hair which is meant to be a white / grey mix but had some yellow patches that made his hair look a little unclean even when it wasn’t.  Again after one application it was restored to a full head of bright white hair that looked fresh and vibrant.  I was nice and I’ve let him keep the rest of the bottle to use but I have given him instructions that he only needs a small amount as he has a tendency to over use products that I give him.

Also I want to point out that when using these colour washes, don’t be expecting to see masses of foam, as with these being a sulphate free formula, these products create a gentle foaming action and I would always reccomend whichever shampoo you’re using to make sure that your hair is thoroughly soaked with water before application, as this means you use less product and saves you money in the long term.

If you would like to try this range for yourself, or perhaps you have a guy in your life that likes to experiment with his hair, then these colour infusion shampoos are available in a 250ml size and retail at £13.95 which can be purchased direct from the My. Haircare website or in your local Boots store.


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