Supersize Liquid Gold Rose | Alpha H

Supersize Liquid Gold Rose  |  Alpha H

If you’re a massive Alpha-holic like me, you’ll be excited to learn that due to the popularity of the TSV back in May on QVCUK, which included the launch of brand new Limited Edition Liquid Gold Rose, Alpha H have doubled the size at such an incredible price for the month of October, in fact it’s less than £8 more than the regular 100ml size.

This supersize has arrived just at the right time because as the temperatures begin to drop as we head into Winter, our skin will be subjected to the cold wind, rain or even snow, causing excessive dehydration and dryness so it’s very important to step up your exfoliation game to help your skin to work harder and will allow you

For those of you unfamiliar with Alpha-H, it’s an incredible Australian brand which is famous for it’s pioneering developments in exfoliation and skin resurfacing through the use of glycolic acid.  Michelle Doherty who is the Director of Alpha H has been the driving force behind the brand for the past twenty years, constantly developing the range to produce new amazing skincare solutions with the same passion as she had over two decades ago.

I’m a massive fan of the original version of this overnight resurfacing lotion, as it’s my go to product when I need to make a real difference to the appearance of my skins texture.  However this new Liquid Gold Rose version contains skin soothing, anti-redness and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Rose, Lotus and Orchid extracts along with Dead Sea Salts and Red Algae.  Whilst still containing the highly active skin resurfacing glycolic acid, which comes from sugar cane extract, within the formulation to gently exfoliate the skin.

It’s also very simple to use simply pour a small amount of the liquid onto a cotton wool pad after your night time cleanse, wipe over facial area and that’s it, you don’t need to apply a night cream, just allow the liquid gold to work.

From the first application the aroma of this new formula made it such a pleasure to use, also I notice that my skin felt instantly soothed and quenched in moisture.  As I have quite a reactive skin I could only use the original Liquid Gold once a week, but with the addition of these new ingredients I have been able to apply every other night consistently for a week with no sensitivity or flare ups.  I didn’t think the original Liquid Gold could be improved but this will be my version of choice from now on.

If you would like to try the results for yourself with this supersized version then be sure to visit QVCUK this month and give it a try.

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