Beauty On A Mission | The Hero Project

Beauty On A Mission  |  The Hero Project

I want to introduce you to The Hero Project, who are a British skincare brand dedicated to creating can’t live without beauty products, that have been designed through scientific innovation, to transform your beauty routine with minimum fuss and effort.  The mission behind this project is to understand what consumers want, they spend lots of time looking at products currently available on the market, reading all reviews good and bad, allowing them to respond to customers wants.  Whether that’s tweaking formulations, delivery systems or a products packaging to create their own twist on a beauty must have which will be your new hero product.  Also all of the range is free from parabens, sulpahates, alcohol, mineral oil and are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

This is a very gender inclusive range from the choice of products they’ve created so far, to the packaging which is modern and trendy so that any guy or girl would be happy to use and display on their bathroom cabinet.  They’ve also won awards for their innovative packaging design, particularly with their glow drops, as the dropper system allows you to get every last drop out of the bottle, which is often a bit of peeve with other brands, leaving you feeling as though you haven’t got all of the product you paid for.

I have recently been putting two of their Hero products to the test, both of which can be used on their own, combined together, or as a booster to your current beauty routine.

The first of which that I’d like to talk about is the Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost, this is a fantastic lightweight gel moisturiser that’s packed full of one of my favourite skincare ingredients Hyaluronic Acid which works like a moisture magnet to the skin.  What’s special about this product is that it combines multi molecular weights of “HA” into it’s formulation allowing for multi depth skin hydration that lasts all day long without leaving the skin sticky or greasy.

I have used this both on it’s own and as a booster layered under other skincare creams, which works brilliantly to increase my skins moisture levels and blur the look of my fine lines.  This is a great daily hydrator for a guy as the texture of this gel absorbs quickly into the skin, making it so easy to use.  One of my tricks with this gel is to keep it in the fridge to apply a small amount around the eye area to give a cooling boost and lessen the appearance of eye bags, also the size of the tube makes it easy to carry around with me so I can apply straight after a gym work out.  However that’s not to say I wouldn’t love a larger tube to keep at home to totally lavish my face and body.

The next hero product in the line-up is the Glow Drops Dry Touch Facial Oil with Vitamin C which contains 98% naturally derived ingredients such as essentials oils of rose otto, geranium, lemon and grapefruit oils combined with hemp seed and argan oil, plus a shot of vitamin c to brighten and refresh the skin tone.  Also the aroma makes this oil such a pleasure to use and I look forward to experiencing the citrus aroma every time I use it.

I am a big fan of facial oils as they have a natural affinity with the skin, to give deep down hydration.  What’s unique about this oil is it has dry touch technology combined in the formulation, which means it sinks straight into the skin with no residue or greasiness.  So if you’ve been a bit scared about trying oils in your routine, particularly if you have an oily / combination skin type like me, then I would advise to give this a try.

Overall these are two fantastic Hero products worthy of the name, also they are very reasonably priced with the Hyasoft at £19 and the Glow Drops at £24, both of which come in a 30ml size, there is also a wide selection of this range available on QVCUK.

I would highly reccomend you to give this a try for yourself, whether you have a skincare routine or not these would be a fantastic boost for your skin and lads there’s no excuse not use these wonderful ingredients as the textures make it so quick and easy to use.

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