A Hint Of Parisian Nostalgia | Un Air D’Antan

A Hint Of Parisian Nostalgia  |  Un Air D’Antan

Ever since I was a child I’ve had a passion for fragrance, I remember sneaking into my parents bedroom to find the perfumes that my Mother used to wear and I’d sit amongst the various bottles and breath in each of the different aromas.  Over the years since I am often reminded of those fragrance notes which immediately takes me back to being a child and the memories which those perfumes created.

I love how fragrance has the ability to take you back to a certain time, feeling or emotion and this is what Un Air D’Antan have created withing their range, taking inspiration from timeless nostalgic Parisian songs to evoke a place or a memory.  All of the fragrances within the range have been created in Grasse (Provence) the fragrance capital of the world by a husband and wife team, who have impeccable attention to detail with each of the aromas they create.

I decided to sample two fragrances from the Un Air D’Antan collection, one as a shower gel and the other as a eau de toilette fragrance to fully experience the variety of this range.

I want to start with the Y’a D’la Joie scented shower gel, which has a fresh uplifting aroma containing notes of peach, orange blossom and lily of the valley expertly blended together for a truly joyful fragrance.  You only need a small amount to create a wonderfully dense foam which gently cleanses the body without stripping the skin, due to its almond blossom enriched formula.  That has been created without parabens and is ph neutral, it’s also very reasonably priced at £6 for a 250ml bottle.

Now I want to move onto the Douce France eau de toilette which shares almond tones with the shower gel aroma, which is combined with notes of fig and a touch of vetiver to create a unique sweet yet fresh fragrance which instantly reminded me of Sunday afternoons when I was a child as my Mam used to bake a fruit pie to have after lunch.  This is a gorgeous scent that would suit a woman of any age, who favours a luxurious distinctive fragrance which will be unique to her.  I am amazed at the value for money as this eau de toilette is available in a 55ml bottle, which is priced at £15, I would of expected a much higher price point for such a quality aroma.

Whether you choose to create a co-coordinating collection complete with the wonderfully nostalgic metal tin or a mixture of fragrances like I have done, I’m sure you will enjoy your journey to heart of France with this aromas.

This collection can be purchased direct from the Un Air D’Antan online shop or they are exclusively available in duo collections on QVCUK, perfect for a friend or loved one this festive season.


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