LAB Pro Lift Anti-Ageing System with Eye & Lip Focus Black Friday TSV on QVCUK 24th November 2017

LAB Pro Lift Anti-Ageing System with Eye & Lip Focus Black Friday TSV

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve always made a conscious effort to take regular exercise, whether that be running, lifting weights or playing tennis, as I feel it’s important to look after my health and well being, which will hopefully allow me to lead a more active lifestyle for longer.  Of course there is the added aesthetic benefits to working out, having a firmer, toned body always helps me to feel more confident as clothes tend to fit and look better on me.

One particular group of muscles that can be quite difficult to exercise are those on the face, which is usually what someone first notices about you and can often predetermine what they think about your lifestyle or personality.  It’s no surprise that I like to take pride in my appearance, I want to look as good as possible for my age and for many years I’ve used a comprehensive beauty routine to help maintain my skins health and I use specific firming products to help give me a more sculpted and toned facial area but these topical products can only do so much.  I always believe if you have a problem or issue that you’re trying to resolve, try to come at from as many angles as possible to resolve it and this is the theory as to why I’ve decided to try the Pro Lift + from L(A)B = Life + Beauty which is complete anti-ageing system combining four technologies: micro-current, galvanic current, red LED and green LED light therapy, giving you salon grade treatments in the comfort of your own home.  It’s like having four professional beauty tools but in one super clever device which will meet the needs of all of your skincare concerns.

Before I explain more about this device I want to let you know that the Pro Lift + and the brand new Lip & Eye Focus will be available as a complete anti-ageing TSV, launching on QVCUK item number 401897 the 24th November as part of their Black Friday event at an incredible price of £152.88 available on three EZ Payments giving you a saving of over £195 if bought direct from L(A)B = Life + Beauty.  Plus there is a 60 day money back guarantee so you have plenty time to use this system and see results.

First of all this is a very quick and easy device to use, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have the time to use it as it already feels like there isn’t enough hours in the day as it is.  Putting it simply there are three programmes you can choose from Cleanse, Nourish and lift which come with a choice of three levels of intensity and three heads for specific treatments.  Remember to charge the device before use in the cradle that comes supplied with this collection.

Cleanse – Using the ION head in cleanse mode makes use of the galvanic technology delivering a constant stream of positive charges which attracts the dirt and grime away from the skin.  First of all remove any excess makeup from the skin, apply a water based cleanser to your face and a little to the head then move the device around the facial area.  Always be careful not to spend too long on sensitive areas such as around the eyes, then after four minutes the programme will finish and you’ll hear a beep, simply rinse any excess cleanser from the face or a wet facial cloth and see how much more dirt has come out of your skin compared to normal cleansing, I was very shocked at the amount that had been pulled out of my skin.  It’s recommended to use the highest intensity level on this mode for the best results and has been clinically proven to have an 87% reduction in spot causing bacteria, dirt and debris after three weeks cleansing with this device, plus 43% reduction in pores and 53% reduction in blemishes after six weeks.

Nourish – Again using the ION head this time in nourish mode, using the galvanic technology this time delivery a constant stream of negative charges to allow deeper absorption into the skin.  Select the level of intensity that you’re comfortable with, apply your favourite serum to the entire face and neck area then starting at the base of your neck work your way upwards to your face and rotate the head to get into all of your facial contours.  This is also a four minute programme and you will hear a beep once it has finished.  After my first treatment I was surprised how soft and hydrated my skin felt, the technology in this device had supercharged my serum and gave me a much better result than applying manually by hand.  The clinical results for this mode are also amazing as there was a 12% increase in hydration after just one use, moving to a 32% increased hydration after eight weeks of use and after all hydration is very important to keep the skin healthy and functioning as it should and is a massive component when it comes to the look of ageing on the skin.

Lift – This is my favourite mode as this is what i’m most concerned about the decrease in skin firmness as I’m getting older.  Once again use the ION head this time putting onto lift mode then choose your level of intensity.  Apply the toner included to the entire facial area then just like the nourish mode, start from the base of your neck and work up and across your facial area, this is a four minute programme and when it’s completed you will hear a beep.  If you have particular areas which you want to focus on, for example the jaw line, forehead or above the eyebrows then there is nothing stopping you from focusing on these areas rather than the entire face, just hold the head over the area for thirty seconds to a minute then move onto another area.  I found this particularly impressive when applied above my eye brows as I have an hereditary hooded eye lid which makes me look tired even when I’m not and after one treatment there was a noticeable difference.

I would certainly reccomend to follow these three steps on an everyday basis for at least 4 – 6 weeks to get the best results, you can then choose to reduce the sessions down to a couple of times a week if you prefer.  I am personally going to stick with the full routine everyday as I’ve seen a noticeable difference and I want to keep improving on the results.

Next I want to move onto the Red and Green LED light therapies designed to help with hyperpigmentation, discolouration, age spots, uneven skin tone and firmness.

Red Light LED – Switch the head to the red light treatment head which uses a 630-660nm wavelength technology, then press the photofacial button to activate, you will notice as soon as it comes in contact with the skin the head glows with a bright red light.  Then simply hold the head against the skin on the areas of concern to be treated and after three minutes you will hear a beep to move onto another area.  After a couple of sessions with this head I’ve begun to notice a difference in the width and depth of the lines particularly on my forehead and I look forward to greater results as I continue the treatments.  The clinical trials saw a 38% reduction in brown spots and hyperpigmenation after six weeks plus skin firmness increased by an average of 31% after three weeks and by 42% in the crows feet area.

Green Light LED – Switch the head over to the green light treatment head which uses a 525nm wavelength technology, then once again press the photofacial button to activate, you will notice as soon as it comes in contact with the skin with the head glows with a bright green light this time.  Then simply hold the head against the skin on areas of concern to be treated and after three minutes you will hear a beep to move onto another area.  I don’t have a particular problem with hyperpigmentation or discolouration, but what I have noticed is that the overall appearance of skin since using this green light therapy has given me a rejuvenated and radiant look, which is brilliant as this time of year it easy for my skin to look dull and tired with the lack of daylight hours.  This can also be used on areas such as the back of the hands to reduce the look of discolouration.

I do want to mention that their are some contraindications when using this type of technology, I would advise you not use this on broken, burnt or infected skin, also conditions such as eczema and photo-sensitivity.  If you are pregnant, undergone cosmetic surgery or have a pacemaker, please consult your doctor before using this treatment.  For a further list about potential medical precautions visit the L(A)B = Life + Beauty website for more information.

Now for the first time this collection also includes the launch of the Lip and Eye Focus Tool which retails at £65 on it’s own direct from L(A)B = Life + Beauty.  This device uses micro and galvanic current technologies along with vibrating massage function to lift and tone the skin whilst helping to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, plus it allows for deeper penetration of serums to supercharge your current eye and lip products.

I was very excited to try this tool as if I was to pick one area that I am constantly trying to improve it would be the eye area, which I know is concern for most guys as we can disguise the jaw line with facial hair but there’s nothing we can do to cover around the eyes.  I also have a hereditary hooded eye lid which tends to make me look tired even when I’ve had a good sleep, so I’m always up for trying new technologies for use around my eyes.

Just like the Pro Lift + device this is very simple to use, just apply your favourite water based serum to the hypoallergenic titanium probe head, then apply to the eye area by holding the device in your hand making sure the conductive strip is covered to complete the circuit.  You will feel a gentle vibration when it comes in contact with the skin, using careful sweeping motions move slowly across the under eye area, crows feet, eye brow and around the mouth.

After a couple of days adding this device into my routine there is a noticeable difference, the skin feels firmer, the appearance of darkness under the eyes has begun to reduce and over all I look more awake and refreshed.  I think every guy should have this in their routine regardless of age as the results speak for themselves.

Overall this is a fantastic value collection for anyone that is serious about their skin care, or perhaps you may be someone who has considered having surgical or non-surgical work done but are hesitant about the cost or potential effects.  I would urge you to give this system a try first as I know you will see an improvement just like I have in the short time I’ve been using these fabulous beauty tools.


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