DECIEM 5 Piece Heroes Beauty Box TSV on QVCUK 27th January 2018

DECIEM 5 Piece Heroes Beauty Box TSV on QVCUK 27th January 2018

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the concept of a beauty box, where you recieve a selection of products to try from various brands.  But not all are made equal, as many come with small sample sizes leaving you wondering if they really suit your skin or not.  However when I heard that DECIEM were creating their own beauty box , I knew it would be revolutionary as they’ve been a breath of fresh air to the beauty industry over the past few of years.

For those unfamiliar with DECIEM it’s the brain child of Brandon Truaxe, who has created over ten sub brands under the DECIEM umbrella including the cult beauty favourite NIOD.  This collection combines five must have products and ranges for the first time to experience the best of each of these brands.  If you want to know more about other products I have tried from the DECIEM ranges then click HERE.

This five piece boxed collection from DECIEM will be launching on the 27th January 2018 on QVCUK as the Today’s Special Value to kick off their 48hr Beauty Weekend event.

Item 234572 – DECIEM 5 Piece Beauty Heros Collection £39.96 RRP £110 available on two EZ Payments.


  • Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule 240ml – This is a highly potent vegan friendly supplement which contains 13omg of Hyaluronic Acid per two tablespoon serving, which is the recommended daily dose.  Now this can be taken straight from the bottle like a beauty medicine or mixed with with a cup of water if you find that easier.  It has a lovely subtle ginger taste and has syrup like consistency  which I personally find easy to take on it’s own, without the need of mixing.  I have only been using this for a week so far but I’ve already begun to notice that my skin isn’t as thirsty, particularly on my arms and legs which tend to be quite dehydrated at this time of year.
  • Hand Chemistry Pro Repair 100ml – This contains skincare quality ingredients designed to be used on the hands.  Containing  ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and collagen boosting ingredients.  All of which work to increase the skins hydration levels by up to 11% within twelve hours.  It is suggested to use this consistently for a minimum of ten days to see maximum anti-ageing benefits.  I am currently on day six and I’ve already begun to notice a refinement in the texture of the skin.  This is also suitable for those with pigmentation or discolouration.  So I also been testing it on one of my mum’s hands as she suffers from these concerns, plus her skin has become quite thin due to high medication.  The difference between one hand to the other is very noticeable even after this short time, so if you have similar concerns or would like to step up your hand cream then give this a go.
  • NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex II 30ml – I had the pleasure of being one of the first to try the original MMHC when it launch two years ago.  It has never been out of my beauty routine since, as the skin hydration and wrinkle plumping benefits of this serum are amazing.  Now this the latest formulation contains 15 forms of hyaluronic acid in a sophisticated, peptide rich delivery system.  It’s consistency is thinner than water, which means it’s readily absorbed into the skin to maximise hydration levels on all skin types and genders.  If you are using this with other NIOD products or mixing with another brand always apply this first due to its lightweight consistency.
  • Hyalmide HA Blur 30ml – Let’s face it using filters on social media is pretty much common place these days but what I really want is to have that filtered effect in real life, to lessen the appearance of pores or blur the look of fine lines.  Well this is where this clever product comes in, using a unique combination of hyaluronic powders it instantly gives my skin that filtered more refined appearance.  I like to use this on top of my day cream whether I am wearing makeup on top or not as that’s the great thing I’ve noticed since using this I have had a lot more makeup free days as I feel confident in my skin.  This is a must have for guys to use before a night out or special occasion for that extra groomed look.
  • The Ordinary AHA 30% / BHA 2% Peeling Solution 30ml – Now I know the title sounds a little complicated or maybe even scary but trust me it isn’t.  Basically this is a sophisticated way of exfoliating your facial skin by using alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl acids to resurface the skin.  It has a low viscosity texture so I would take care when applying and keep it away from the eye area.  Once applied to the skin only leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes as this formula is potent there isn’t any need to leave it on longer.  I would start off with once a week and moving up to twice a week when your skin is more familiar with these ingredients.  When using any products like this always wear a high SPF during the day to protect these new skin cells from sun damage. I have found this gives my skin a glass like appearance, the look of pores are refined and my the texture of my skin feels super smooth, it’s also perfect to use the day before I shave as it allows me to achieve an even closer and smoother finish.

Overall if you are looking to boost your skin with sophisticated technologies and ingredients that will hydrate, refine and improve your skins overall appearance.  Then try this beauty box collection as it contains the best of what DECIEM have to offer.  Also the value is amazing and I ill be purchasing another collection to have a back up as I can’t see this offer being repeated.

All of these products can work with any existing beauty routine you currently have and suitable for all skin type and genders who are looking to give dehydrated, aged or lack lustre skin a boost.

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