Alpha H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal TSV on QVCUK 10th February 2018

Alpha H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal TSV on QVCUK 10th February 2018

If you’re a massive Alpha H fan or should I say Alpha-holic like me, you will want to read on.  As you’ll be excited to learn on the 10th February 2018, Alpha H will be launching a fantastic three piece TSV collection.  This is exclusive to QVCUK designed to kick start your tired, sluggish Winter skin.

Alpha H are the experts when it comes to exfoliation.  With their cult beauty must have Liquid Gold being a staple of so many peoples beauty routines around the world.

It’s very important to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis.  As it allows your skin to function to the best of it’s ability.  I always notice a difference in my skins radiance and texture when I add the Liquid Gold overnight exfoliating facial into my routine a couple of nights a week.

Item 234852 – Alpha H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal Collection £39.96 on 3 EZ Payments.


  • Liquid Gold 200ml – This is my go to product when I need to make a real difference to my skin.  It’s perfect to slot into your routine at this time of year, after all the excess of the Christmas festivities.  Pour a small amount of the liquid onto a cotton wool pad, after your night time cleanse, then wipe over the skin and that’s it.  Liquid gold contains 5% glycolic acid, liquorice and silk proteins, these ingredients are designed to lower the skin’s PH level to make the skin work harder, improving the texture and softness of the skin.  You may experience a slight tingle when using this product, which is normal and should disappear very quickly.  Every time I use Liquid Gold, I can honestly say the change in my skin is dramatic.  Plus all of the other product in my beauty routine work even better as they are being absorbed into fresher skin cells, which allows them to work deeper in the skin for maximum benefits.
  • Balancing Cleanser 200ml – This creamy cleanser is perfect to remove all traces of makeup and dirt from the skin, without upsetting the skin’s ph balance.  It’s also suitable to be used around the eye area as the combination of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera help to soothe and calm any skin irritations or those with high colour skin.  I also like how comforting this cleanser feels, particularly at this time of year when my skin is feeling dry and sore from the elements, it’s like a gentle hug whilst washing away the stresses of the day.
  • Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream 15ml – As many of you know my eye area is of most concern to me.  I am already a big fan of the Alpha H Eye Complex, as this really works to combat my eye bag puffiness.  What I love about this eye cream is it gives my entire eye area an instant filtered appearance, blurring the look fine lines and dark circles.  The applicator feels so cooling and soothing when it touches my skin and makes it easy not apply too much around the eyes.  Also I love the firming effect it has on my eye lids, making me look and feel more awake, even when I’ve had little sleep.  This is truly a special formulation that contains quadruple peptide technology with next gen lime pearl AHA’s along with illuminating diamond pearl micro particles to help refine and blur the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles.  If you are looking for an all rounder eye product that can cope with multiple signs of ageing then this is the one.  Also if you’re not a makeup wearer like most guys aren’t but always look a bit tired this will instantly give a illuminated and freshened appearance.

Overall this is a fantastic collection if you are looking to get real results from you skincare and these can be added to any current routine you may have, whether that be from Alpha H or not.  What’s fantastic about these products as it doesn’t matter what your skin type of gender is as they will work for everyone.

This Alpha H TSV collection is available to purchase on pre-sale right now by clicking this LINK.

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