SBC Gels Valentines Day 3 Piece Favourites TSV on QVCUK 14th February 2018

SBC Gels Valentines Day 3 Piece Favourites TSV on QVCUK 14th February 2018

Whether you’re getting romantic with your loved one to celebrate Valentines Day or you’re a perpetual singleton like me.  You can still indulge in a spot of pampering with these wonderful TSV collections from SBC Gels, which will be launching on QVCUK the 14th February 2018.

I like that both of these collections are suitable for all genders, as they contain some fantastic beauty must have’s, with the addition of a brand new product launch exclusive to this TSV.  I know for some guys a pink product may not be their first choice, but everyone’s skin can use a boost of collagen.

Item 235203 – SBC 3 Piece Bath & Body Favourites Collection £27.98 also available on Auto Delivery

Collagen Option:

  • Collagen Shower Creme 1000ml – If your skin is feeling dry or dehydrated from the Summer heat then switch to this beautiful shower creme as it contains passion fruit flower and kukui nut oils to deeply hydrate and improve the appearance of the skin.  I never thought I would be able to afford to use a body cleansing product that contain collagen, yet SBC have found a way of allowing me to indulge whilst still remaining affordable.  The aroma is light and uplifting with a citrus edge, perfect for guys to use despite the pink shade.
  • Collagen Skincare Gel 500ml – I’ve used this lightweight facial gel for over twenty years, It’s a must have in my beauty routine as it really helps to plump out the appearance of fine lines and give my skin a smoother, more youthful appearance.  I also like to apply a thicker layer to my skin a couple of times a week as a mask to really give my skin a boost.  If you’re concerned about skin ageing then add this into your routine and see the difference for yourself.  Also SBC have now completed some clinical trials where for each category it was tested in it achieved a rating of 100%, whether that be people saying their skin felt firmer, it looked less lined and more youthful, more moisturised and hydrated, smoother and that they would reccomend this to a friend.  I am not surprised by these results as it has remained a staple in my beauty routine for such a long time and I have converted lots of my male friends to using this too.
  • Collagen Body Polish 450g – If you want a luxurious, hydrating and indulgent body exfoliator, then this for you.  It’s souffle texture is so delicious it feels like I’m applying a body cream.  The aroma is a fresh aromatic blend of kukui seed and passionflower oils, combined with a powerful marine collagen complex and gentle pumice particles.  Which leave my skin so soft and hydrated, more than any scrub has before.  It’s definitely a winner if you have a dry / thirsty skin or those where the skin has lost some density as this is so gentle, yet effective.

Propolis Option:

  • Propolis Bath & Shower Gel 1000ml – I use this shower gel on a daily basis to cleanse my body, as I have quite a reactive skin that can flare up.  I’ve found by using this regularly I rarely, if ever have any skin irritations and is perfect to use after a gym workout or playing sports.  It’s brilliant in the warmer months as it helps me feel clean and refreshed at the same time, I find the earthy herbal aroma is so comforting.
  • Propolis Skincare Gel 500ml – I think every guy should have this natural rescue remedy as part of their routine.  It’s an essential for me as it has so many uses.  Propolis is a resin which is produced by bees to protect their hive from external aggressors and has fantastic antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  This gel is perfect if you have problematic or sensitive skin, also it’s brilliant to use after shaving to keep the skin protected and prevent ingrowing hairs or shaving rash.  It’s works brilliantly to calm down breakouts, skin irritations and flaky skin, as it seems to instantly soothe, hydrate and treat any problem I throw at it.  I use it from head to toe as I like to massage it into my scalp to combat and itchy or flaky skin, which tends to flare up if I’m feeling run down or stressed.  I also like to use it on my underarms and feet to keep the skin clean and free from odour.
  • Propolis & Safflower Body Milk 500ml – I adore everything from the Propolis range so I was very excited to give this a try.  I regularly use the propolis gel on my body and follow with another body lotion for extra hydration.  Since I started using this body milk, this is now my go to body moisturiser.  I adore the lightweight texture as it glides over the skin with very little pressure.  It envelopes my body with a calming, nourishing invisible blanket of protection.  I’ve seen wonderful results in the short time I’ve been using this.  Congested skin on the tops of my arms and shoulders now look much clearer and smooth, also dry flaky patches on my elbows and shins have disappeared.  Considering it’s light texture this milk contains a multitude of skin health ingredients, such as propolis, vitamin e, essential fatty acids and safflower seed.  The latter of which is rich in linoleic acid, which not only helps to unclog pores and sebum build up, but also has skin regenerating properties to improve the skin overall appearance.  I can already feel the need for a duo collection of this fabulous product, as I always want to have one in the cupboard ready to go.

I would say if you have a problematic skin type that can flare up due to skin irritations or breakouts then the propolis would be your first choice.  Whereas if you are looking for skin comfort, hydration and added anti-ageing ingredients then the collagen is for you.

Also with each set having large litre sized body cleansers, these would make great family bathroom essentials, allowing everyone regardless of age to have healthy well conditioned skin.

I hope you can tune in for the midnight launch with the lovely Adele O’Donoghue on the 14th February 2018, to find out more hints and tips, plus more fantastic collections to try.

Are you celebrating Valentines Day? or maybe a Palentines Day with friends?

Are you a fan of SBC Gels?

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